About Me

       My moral compass has lead me here. I am a firm believer that everything in life one way or another happens for a reason. If you look back far enough you can connect the dots on how one life experience or person has lead to the next. I am also a firm believer that life doesn't owe you shit, so if you want something, or you feel stuck you need to realize that you shape your destiny by the decisions that you make, effort you put in, and the moves you make.

      My dream has been to set in motion positive social change, and for a long while I wanted to become a public servant. I have given up that path, and am following old ones I have forsaken. I am an aspiring social eco-prenuer, philanthropist, and woman of influence. I have lived life on my own terms, and on my own time frame. Knowing in my heart that staying true to myself is the most valuable thing to me, and that the long way is not the wrong way.

    I love travel, I love writing, I love photography, I love connecting and meeting new people, I love trying new things, I love learning about new cultures, I love throwing myself out of my comfort zone, I am a hopeless romantic for all things love, I am ever evolving and growing, I love volunteering, I love inspiring people, helping people, I admire random acts of kindness, I love recycling and sustainable lifestyles. I love; it's just what I do. I want to share all the things that I love with you along with all the things that are opening my mind helping me grow into the person I am meant to be. I  am extremely in depth, passionate, emotional, ambitious, intense, honest human being. In other words; I am not for everyone.  

This is your destination for your every day motivation, and inspiration. Life is too short to be unhappy. Let my blog and my journey be your journey, let this place be your escape. This is not just about Traveling, this is about Traveling Through Life.